What do Mediterraneans eat for breakfast?

Depending on the nation or location, Mediterranean people often consume a range of cuisines for breakfast.

Typical breakfast foods include:

In Greece, a classic breakfast can consist of feta cheese with tomatoes, olives, and honey, or yogurt with honey and nuts.

In Italy, having a cappuccino with a pastry, such a croissant, is customary.

In Spain, a typical breakfast can consist of tortilla or toast with tomato and olive oil (a type of omelette).

In Turkey, a selection of cheeses, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, and bread are typical morning foods.

In Israel, a typical Israeli breakfast can consist of falafel, hummus, and Israeli salad.

It’s also important to remember that individuals in the Mediterranean region often save their big meals for lunch or supper and only have a small breakfast.

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