Pet Food Banks Near You in the USA


In the land of the free, where the bond between humans and their cherished pets is unbreakable, ensuring the well-being of these adorable companions is of utmost significance. However, financial obstacles can occasionally burden pet owners, making it tough to offer their pets the love and care they truly deserve. This is where our heroes, the pet food banks, swoop in as a vital lifeline for those struggling. In this article, we delve into the heartwarming and influential presence of pet food banks in communities throughout the United States.

Pet Food Banks Are Increasingly Needed

During the last ten years, there has been a consistent rise in demand for pet food aid as numerous families grapple with financial woes. A study conducted by the compassionate warriors at ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) reveals that over 24 million pets live in homes that are classified as economically challenged. This statistic underlines the critical importance of pet food banks in ensuring that no furry friend goes hungry due to monetary constraints.

What Are Pet Food Banks?

Pet food banks are a heartwarming initiative, offering free or low-cost pet food to those facing economic hardships. These amazing organizations largely rely on donations from kind-hearted people, supportive local businesses, and generous corporate sponsors. Often teaming up with animal shelters and rescue groups, they work together to ensure our beloved pets are well-fed in times of need.

Unleashing the Power of Pet Food Banks

1. Unbreakable Bonds: Pets are so much more than animals – they’re cherished family members. Pet food banks step in to save the day, ensuring that no one has to part ways with their furry friends due to financial struggles.

2. Encouraging Conscious Pet Parenting: These amazing organizations not only supply pet food but also encourage responsible pet ownership. By making sure our pets receive proper nutrition and care, we pave their way to a healthy, happy life.

3. Building Strong Communities: United by love for animals and dedication to those in need, pet food banks bring people together and create a resilient community. Volunteers are the heart and soul of these organizations, contributing immeasurably to their success.

4. Easing Shelter Pressure: Pet food banks play a vital role in keeping pets at home with their families. As a result, animal shelters and rescue organizations can focus on finding forever homes for the many animals still waiting for their second chance.

List of Resources to Help You Feed Your Pets

National Organizations

The Humane Society of The United States

Pets of the Homeless

Animal Food Bank


Animal Friends Humane Society – Save A Rescue

Friends of Cats & Dogs Foundation


Alaska SPCA


The Good Dog Food Bank

Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry

Pets In Need Action League

Chuck Waggin’ Pet Food Pantry


Out of the Woods Rescue and Referral

Fuzzy Hearts Animal Rescue

All About Labs

Bella Vista Animal Shelter


Animal Assistance League of Orange County

Animal Save

Berkeley Humane

Bakersfield Pet Food Pantry

Eastbay SPCA

Furry Friends Pet Relief Program

Halo Cafe

Helen Woodward Animal Center

Ohlone Humane Society

LA Feeders

Actors and Others for Pets

Rescuing Unwanted Furry Friends


Paws San Diego

Placer SPCA

The Pet Food Bank

Santa Cruz SPCA – Heather’s Pet Food Pantry

Sacramento Pet Food Bank

SPCA for Monterey County


Pikes Peak Pet Pantry

Colorado Pet Pantry

Ark Valley Humane Society

Paws Co: Denver


Connecticut Humane Society


Friends of Animal Windsor Animal Control Inc



Delaware Humane Association

Faithful Friends, Inc


SPCA Suncoast

Humane Society of North Central Florida

Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Humane Society of Pinellas

Paws Pet Sanctuary

You Can Make a Difference, Inc

Leon County Humane Society

Peggy’s Pantry


Coco’s Cupboard

The Paw Cause

Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia

Pet Buddies Food Pantry

Save Our Pets Food Bank


Hawaiian Humane Society


Humane Society of the Palouse

All Valley Humane Society

Idaho Humane Society


Friendship Pet Pantry (Chicago)

Tree house Animals (Chicago)

Care for Real (Chicago)

Irving Park Food Pantry (Chicago)

Best Buddies Pet Pantry (NW Indiana and Illinois)



Best Buddies Pet Pantry

Brown County Humane Society

Vanderburgh Humane Society


The Pet Project Midwest


Capitol Area Animal Response Team

The Humane Society of Greater Kansas


Kentucky Pets Alive

No Kill Louisville


Louisiana SPCA

The Pet Pantry of Northwest Louisiana


Hardy’s Friends


Maryland SPCA

Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County

Thankful Paws, Inc

Talbot Humane Society

Prince William SPCA

Anne Arundel Feeding Pets in Need (Anne Arundel County)

Be More Kind Pet Food Pantry

Caroline Humane Society

Frederick County Humane Society

MCQE Mobile Pet Pantry (Carroll County)


A Helping Paw

Central MA Kibble Kitchen

Fairy Dog Parents

Dakin Humane Society


Cascades Humane Society

Kalamazoo Humane Society

Humane Society of Huron Valley

Waggin’ Tails Dog Rescue

New Beginnings Animal Rescue


People & Pets Together

River Bluff Humane Society


Humane Society of South Mississippi


Bi-State Pet Food Pantry


Humane Society of Western Montana


Heart’s Alive Village Las Vegas

PAL Humane Society: Las Vegas

New Hampshire

Cocheco Valley Humane Society

NH Humane Society

New Mexico

ACTion Programs for Animals

Casa Rosa Food Pantry

New Jersey

Companion Animal Advocates

Camden County Pet Food Pantry

New York

Baxter Pet Pantry

Beyond Breed’s Ruff Riders

Nobody Starves on Long Island

The Pet Food Pantry Auburn

North Carolina

SPCA of West County

Friends of Mebane’s Animals

Friends of Madison County Animals

Feed Your Pets

The Humane Society of Piedmont


Angels for Animals

Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry

Humane Ohio

My Best Friend’s Bowl

Peace for Animals


Pet Food Pantry of Oklahoma City



Animal House Project

Animal Food Bank of the Lehigh Valley

Humane Pennsylvania

Sam’s Hope

Animal Friends


Don’t Forget to Feed Me

DaisyCares Pet Food Program

Pet Food Bank of Austin and Tavis County

St. Mary’s Relief (Seven Points)


Holly Help : Bristol

Humane Society of Fairfax

Virginia Beach SPCA

Rikki’s Animal Refuge Sanctuary


Banfield Foundation

Washington D.C.

Humane Rescue Alliance



What exactly is a pet food bank?

A pet food bank is a compassionate organization dedicated to offering free or budget-friendly pet food for individuals and families experiencing financial difficulties, ensuring their beloved pets receive proper nutrition.

Why do pet food banks matter?

Pet food banks play a vital role in preventing pets from going hungry due to monetary limitations. In addition, they encourage responsible pet ownership and help keep pets within their homes rather than overloading animal shelters.

How can we offer support to pet food banks?

There are several ways to support pet food banks, such as donating pet food, providing supplies, or giving monetary aid. Alternatively, you can volunteer your time, raise awareness within your community, or even organize pet food drives to make a significant impact.

Is it okay to donate opened bags of pet food?

While the policies of each pet food bank may differ, many of them will accept both unopened and occasionally opened bags of pet food. Just ensure the opened bags have been stored properly and the food is within its expiration date.

Is volunteering at a pet food bank an option?

Absolutely! Most pet food banks are thrilled to have volunteers on board, helping with tasks like distributing food, planning events, doing administrative work, or getting involved with outreach efforts.

Can organizations or businesses host pet food drives for these banks?

Yes indeed! Many pet food banks are more than happy to team up with businesses, schools, and other organizations eager to arrange pet food drives and collect generous donations from their communities.

What’s the best way to donate to a pet food bank?

Donating to a pet food bank is a breeze! You can either drop off pet food and supplies at specified locations, make a monetary contribution on their website, or join in on some fantastic fundraising events they host.

Do pet food banks have any extra perks?

You’d be surprised! Some pet food banks go beyond just providing food, offering valuable services such as pet care education, resources for spaying and neutering, and guidance on local vet clinics or pet-friendly housing options.


Pet food banks across the USA stand out as shining beacons of kindness and assistance. They provide invaluable support to struggling pet owners while ensuring that not a single furry friend goes hungry. These amazing organizations not only feed pets but also emphasize the importance of human-animal bonds, cultivating a sense of unity and collective accountability. By spreading awareness, making donations, or lending your time as a volunteer, you can truly make an impact on the well-being of pets and their owners within your community.

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