Lucy Letby: Full Story Of The Serial Killer Nurse

Who is Lucy Letby?

Born in central England’s Hereford, 33-year-old Lucy Letby earned her nursing degree from Chester University in northwest England. Soon after, she started working in the neonatal unit of the Countess of Chester Hospital.

Lucy Letby: Full Story of the Serial Killer Nurse
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What is the Lucy Letby Case about?

Between January 2015 and mid-2016, a worrying spike in infant deaths and severe collapses occurred at the Countess of Chester Hospital’s neonatal unit. Accused of murdering seven infants—comprising five boys and two girls—Letby allegedly committed these heinous acts while working at Chester Hospital during 2015 and 2016.

Prosecutors at Manchester Crown Court said Letby harmed these babies by injecting air into their blood and stomachs, overfeeding them milk, physically assaulting them, and poisoning them with insulin. In one horrifying instance, Letby killed a baby boy by injecting air into his bloodstream. The Media news agency reported she then tried to poison his twin brother with insulin on the following day. Though she endangered the life of their third triplet by injecting excessive air and clear liquid into him, he was ultimately saved when his parents insisted on removing him from the hospital. Her intension was sought to disguise these murderous acts as natural causes.

Lucy Letby case revolves around her being found guilty on 14 of the 22 counts she faced after a grueling 10-month trial at Manchester Crown Court. As revealed by the Crown Prosecution Service statement, the jury could not reach a verdict on four additional charges of attempted murder.

How was Lucy Letby caught?

Who is Lucy Letby?
Credit: Sky News

A senior doctor at Cheshire Hospital reported witnessing Letby standing idly by as an infant’s breathing tube became dislodged and its oxygen levels plummeted. When the doctor intervened, it was too late the baby died three days later.

In May 2017, Cheshire Constabulary initiated an investigation after being alerted to Letby’s dubious behavior. Arrested three times on suspicion of involvement in these tragic deaths first in 2018, then in 2019 she was eventually released both times.

What was Lucy Letby Such as in her life?

Lucy Letby grew up as an only child in Hereford, raised by her parents, John and Susan Letby. She went to a local comprehensive school and enjoyed family vacations in Devon. The court was shown images of her childhood bedroom, complete with two teddy bears on the bed.

Letby made her family proud by being the first to attend university, studying nursing at the University of Chester for three years. She became a Band 5 nurse in September 2011, and started her career at the hospital in January 2012. By spring 2015, she had qualified to work with intensive care infants. Despite a thriving social life and strong support from her friends and family, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

When she moved 100 miles away to study at the University of Chester, Letby was seen as studious and responsible; she didn’t stay out late. After qualifying as a registered NHS nurse in 2011, her colleagues regarded her as reliable, hard-working, and trustworthy.

What evidence did the prosecution present against Lucy Letby?

Lucy Letby
Credit: Sky News

A crucial testimony came from Letby’s supervisor who revealed that she noticed Letby spending an unusual amount of time with a premature baby she wasn’t assigned to care for. The baby’s health deteriorated unexpectedly and ultimately died. Her supervisor alleged that Letby focused on this baby’s family instead of her own designated baby despite being asked to concentrate on her assigned responsibilities.

Adding to the evidence was a haunting note discovered at Letby’s home following her arrest in 2018. Scribbled on a green sticky note, it read: “I don’t deserve to live. I killed them on purpose because I’m not good enough to care for them,” and “I am a horrible evil person. I AM EVIL. I DID THIS.”

Furthermore, prosecutors shared a document containing some of the babies’ names accompanied by what they claim are Letby’s own words: “Kill me” and “I don’t know if I killed them. Maybe I did. Maybe this is all down to me.”

Letby will be sentenced at Manchester Crown Court on August 21.


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