10 Best Workout for Type 2 Diabetes


10 best workout for type 2 diabetes – In this article first we will discuss what type 2 diabetes is. But before starting this article I will request you to read this entire article. In this article we will discuss about types of diabetes and detail about type 2 diabetes, about symptoms, causes and workout for treatment of type 2 diabetes. So it’s my request to go through the entire article without skipping any section.

Diabetes: – Insulin is a kind of hormone and when there is lack of insulin in pancreas of the body that means less amount of insulin reaches. And as insulin controls glucose in blood and due to less amount of insulin the amount of glucose increases in the blood, and this condition is known as diabetes.

10 best workout for type 2 diabetes
Diabetes, Credit: Pexels

Now a day diabetes is very common in America because of busy lifestyle, fast food, lack of movement and no exercise. According to CDC more than 130 million adults are living with diabetes in America. And diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate in United States.

And as we know there are two type of diabetes, Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. Basically in type 1 diabetes insulin production in body is reduced or stopped. According to endocrinologist type 1 diabetes can be control by medicines. These are symptoms of Type 1 diabetes: Extreme Thirst, Frequent Urination, lethargic, Slow healing of cuts on skin, Skin infection, itching, Blurred Vision, weight loss, headache, dizziness, and leg muscle cramps etc. For Type 1 diabetes it is important to check your lifestyle, balanced food and daily exercise. There is no specific treatment for type 1 diabetes. By take precaution you can control type 1 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes- As compare to Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 diabetes is dangerous for body and other organs. Many of them never feel any symptoms of type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is only often detected during the investigation of other disease. Symptoms of type 2 diabetes is same as type 1 diabetes, but if you have these symptoms too like frequent irritability, frequent mood swings, feeling itching around genitals, skin cuts take longer to heal then you have to be alert because this is a sign of type 2 diabetes. And this important to know that which group of people are on high risk of type 2 diabetes.

Main reason of type 2 diabetes is hereditary, if it is in parents then getting type 2 diabetes in their children increase manifold. Common ways to control type 2 diabetes are diet control, regular exercise and better lifestyle. Eat more fruits, nuts, do morning or evening walk, avoid mental tension. Now as we know the cause and symptom of diabetes let’s discuss about the treatment of Type 2 diabetes, and the best way is workout.

And remember one thing either you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes your blood sugar should be less than 250mg/dl before exercising.


Walking, Pexels

The main mantra for type 2 diabetes is “Get Moving”. So, Walking is the best exercise for the patient of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Walking is also the best exercise of all ages and ability. Also walking is low impact activity and your step will improve your blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol. And I will suggest see your doctor before starting any physical activities. Before starting brisk walking warm up is very necessary to warm your body, keep your body hydrated and for this I will advise to keep a water bottle with you. All you need is correct clothes and shoes. Let’s have a look for some tips.

Warm up:- Before start walking do stretches and some warm up activities to warm your body.

Increase Gradually:- Start with a 20-25 minute walk for few days and then increase gradually. At least you have to walk for 10,000 steps a day. For many people 10,000 steps are equal to 5 miles. Start with 1 mile and go till 5 miles. And remember that gap between your meal and walk should be 30 minutes, if you’re walking after lunch.

Shoes and Clothes: – it is very important to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Sensible and comfortable and light weight shoes.

Technique: – Walk straight and steady. Your arm should be free.

Water: – Drink water before and after your walk. Always keep one water bottle with you.


Running, Pexels

Most of the type 2 diabetic patient is also suffering from arthritis, so it’s important to consult your physician before start running. But one thing is for sure that running or jogging is one the best exercise for type 2 diabetes. Running reduced risk of high blood pressure, high blood pressure and cholesterol. It also helps to strengthen your muscles. You can maintain your healthy weight too. Regular running can improve mental health, self-confidence and quality of life. Type 2 diabetic patient should run or jog at least 20 minutes per day and increase gradually to 50-60 minutes. Let’s have a look for some running tips.

Warm up: – Whether you are a starter or running every day, it is very important that you should start with warm up. Because of warm up your body will not get tired quickly, by warm up your muscle will open and you can run easily.

Never run on road: – Never run on road in this way you can hurt your leg because of hard surface. So always try to run on jogging area or any park.

Stretching: – stretching is also important before running. 4-5 minutes of stretching will open your muscle and bones and you will not feel tired after running and you will enjoy it.

Make a regular routine:- if you think running for a day and do it again after 0ne week then this running will not beneficial to you. As you are following you daily routine of timely breakfast, lunch, dinner and medicine, you have to make a routine for this also and follow up your routine.

Water: – Always keep a water bottle with you while running to avoid dehydration. And drink water at least 3-4 litre water a day.


Cycling, Pexels

As I said earlier that roughly half of the type 2 diabetes patient is suffering from arthritis. And also in type 2 diabetes nerves become damaged and due to this many people got joint pain also. So, always ask your physician before start cycling. But apart from these cycling is very good exercise for type 2 diabetic patient. You can make habit of cycling in your daily routine, and you can ride cycle for your job, school or shop. If you have a lower joint pain cycling can help you to meet your fitness goal with minimum impact in your joint. Keep cycling for at least one hour a day to maintain your blood sugar. Let’s have a look for some cycling tips.

Saddle: – If you are a type 2 diabetic patient and planning for cycling then choosing saddle is very important part. Try to choose nose less or pointless saddle. Because traditional pressure put pressure between legs and there is a nerve bundle that is responsible for sexual health and bladder function. So choosing saddle for diabetic patient is very important.

Pump your cycle tyres: – Before starting your cycling day pump your tyres to the right pressure. It’s very important to avoid jerks because of low or high pressure in tyre. You can see the right pressure for tyre on the sidewall of tyre.

Water and Food: – For diabetic patient your body should be hydrate and you should avoid dehydration so always keep water and also some nuts or fresh fruits with yourself.

Padded shorts: – A good pair of cycling padded shorts is very important for cycling.  And remember don’t wear underwear under padded shorts because it may rub and give you sore.

Gear:– Cycling gear like helmet, knee and elbow cover is also necessary for protection when you fall.

Timing:– Don’t drive too fast or slow, drive in a normal speed and you can take break also. Starts with 25-30 minutes of cycling then you can increase gradually.


Swimming, Pexels

For type 2 diabetic patient swimming is the best exercise other than land exercise. But before start swimming always ask your doctor that you are going to start a new form of exercise. Swimming is a low impact exercise and found in research that aquatic exercise can lower blood sugar level much like land based exercise like walking, running or cycling. And also swimming is joint friendly exercise. By swimming you can strengthen your muscle, heart and lungs.  Few tips for swimming.

Insulin: – If you are on insulin please talk to your doctor about best way to manage your insulin during swimming.

Hypo treatment: – Keep hypo treatment with you when you are on insulin or any medication, and inform your instructor or trainer about your diabetes.

Timing: – Starting from 10-15 minutes from first day you can increase gradually the duration of swimming until you reach 30 minutes.

Take Shower:– Take shower properly after swimming because chlorine present in pool water will dry out skin and cause crack on skin, crack on skin is not good for diabetic patient.

Protect your feet: – Water shoes or aqua socks are very important for diabetic patients when you are swimming in a lake or pond to prevent injuries from stones or debris.


Yoga, Pexels

Yoga is one of the oldest form of formal exercise. Yoga is the super workout of type 2 diabetes. You should add Pranayama, Yoga and meditation to your lifestyle if you are suffering from type 2 or type 1 diabetes. Practising yoga regularly can manage your diabetes. The best part of yoga is you can do it anytime morning or evening. The gap between your food and yoga should be 20 minutes, either 30 minutes before food or 30 minutes after food you can do yoga. There are lots of yoga for type 2 diabetes patient. Like Dhanurasana or bow pose, Kapalbhati Pranayama or Skull polishing, Ardha Matsyendrashana or seated twist pose, Savasana or Corpse pose etc. I will write in another article about these asana. Few tips for Yoga.

Pain: – If you are a diabetic patient don’t ignore any pain while doing Yoga

Difficult Asana:– Avoid difficult asana in the beginning. After sometime you can increase difficulty level of asana.

Yoga Teacher:– Practice yoga with qualified teacher. After learning you can do it yourself.

Empty Stomach:– There are many benefits of doing yoga in empty stomach, but diabetic patient should have light breakfast and 20 minutes gap before starting yoga.

Environment:– Please avoid doing yoga in warm environment, because its effect heart. So try to do yoga in cool environment or early morning.


Pilates, Pexels

Pilates was first invented by Joseph Pilates during first world war 1. Pilates increased the power of soldiers and maintain flexibility. That’s why now a day it’s very popular. Pilates will increase your core strength and coordination. According to reports pilates is very helpful for older age type 2 diabetes patient specially it is very helpful for older women and maintain sugar level. Actually pilates is the combination of some simple workouts and works on six principles. Meditation, Breathing, Centring, Control, Fluidity and Precision. The main benefits of Pilates for type 2 diabetes are- Helping insulin to work better, reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and blood glucose, weight management. If any of you want detail article on Pilates please comment I will write article Pilates. Tips for Pilates.

Instructor:– Pilates should be performed under supervision of health professional or pilates trainer.

Duration:– According to new guidelines people who already have type 2 diabetes recommended to perform 150 minutes of Pilates in a week or 3 days in a week.

Safety:– Pilates are performed on specialized equipment such as trapeze tables, reformers and weights. It is very important that activity should be safe for type 2 diabetic person to avoid any injuries.

Setting goals:- Starting from 10-15 minutes of Pilates try to increase activity until 40-45 minute.

Warm Up:– Before starting Pilates warm up is very necessary. So 5 minutes of warm up before activities and 5 minutes cool down after activities is compulsory.


Calisthenics, Pexels

In Calisthenics you use your own body to strengthen your muscles. Calisthenics includes pull-ups, push-ups and lunges etc. Calisthenics play an important part for full treatment of type 2 diabetes. In this activity muscles absorb more glucose by pumping, push up and pull up. Calisthenics incorporate a full body movement, which aids in lowering blood sugar levels. Tips for Calisthenics.

Warm up before exercise

Do basic and compound Calisthenics exercise.

Eat right and balanced food

Keep water bottle to avoid dehydration

Train more frequently and maximize gains

Do more High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) such as sprinting in a place and jumping


Dancing, Pexels

Dancing is a kind of physical form for fun as well as it provide essential health benefits for those who are suffering from type 2 diabetes. This we have to remember that diabetes can take toll on physical, mental as well as emotional health, and dance therapy can relieves physical as well as mental stress. Benefit of dancing includes better heart rate, burn calories, lowered stress, and improves balance. Tips for dancing.

Use right footwear to prevent injuries.

Every dance session should start with warm up and end with cool down.

Avoid dehydration.

Dance instructor must be informed about your conditions.

Start with slow pace then increase gradually.


Weightlifting, Pexels

As we know most of our muscle store glycogen. During weightlifting muscle of our body use glycogen as fuel. Once there is shortage of glycogen body starts mobilizing extra glycogen from liver and blood and it directly starts decreasing blood glucose. Weightlifting also control body weight. It burns lot of calories and very solid exercise for type 2 diabetic patient. You can use water bottle or juice can for quick weightlifting at home. But also you have to remember that according to ADA sometime high intensity workout and weightlifting raise the blood sugar. Weightlifting produce stress hormones such as Adrenaline, and adrenaline is responsible for increase in blood sugar.. Tips for weightlifting.

It is very very important that if you are a type 2 diabetic patient then first please consult your physician before starting weightlifting.

Focus on the body’s largest muscle groups like hamstrings, chest, and traps.

Always start with lower weight and gradually increase the weight.

Avoid dehydration.

Inform your trainer about your type 2 diabetes.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi
Tai Chi, Pexels

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial arts combines with meditation, slow movement and breathing. Tai Chi is a kind of low impact exercise, less stressful on bones, muscles and joints. Tai Chi perform in squatting position. Diabetes can take toll on physical, mental and emotional health. Tai Chi can relives physical as well as mental stress. So if any of diabetic patient want low impact exercise then Tai Chi is the best option.


First of all thank you very much for reading the entire article. In this article we talk about diabetes, about type1 and type2 diabetes. We have also discuss about cause, symptom and treatment of type2 diabetes. we have discuss 10 workout for type 2 diabetes. Hope you have enjoyed the article and if this article is useful please share this with your friends and relatives, for this I will be grateful to you. If you have any question regarding this article please write in the comment box, I will reply to each and every message. Once again thanking you for connecting with me. If you are suffering from back pain please read another article about 10 best yoga poses to relieve back pain in 10 minutes. fro more details please click here…THANK YOU….

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