What is Vabbing and Why Girls are Doing it at the Gym?


Unearthing Vabbing and Why People are Doing it at the Gym?
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TikTok trends may be fleeting, but it seems vabbing has made a lasting impression. Trust me, TikTok never ceases to amaze with its viral sensations, and Vabbing At The Gym For The First Time is no exception. This vabbing phenomenon skyrocketed to fame thanks to TikToker Jeweliah, whose recent video showcased her vabbing before hitting the gym, capturing the attention of millions. Can you believe it racked up over 6 million views? If you’re not familiar with vabbing, you might want to keep it that way. But if your curiosity is too strong to resist, continue reading for a comprehensive breakdown…

What Exactly Vabbing is?

Vabbing at gym
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You may find yourself puzzled over the term “Vabbing” and its meaning. Essentially, it’s a combination of the words “vagina” and “dabbing”, referring to a rather peculiar practice. Vabbing is the act of applying vaginal fluids onto one’s body, much like perfume, with the aim of attracting a sexual partner. This process involves dabbing a small amount of hymen fluid on various pulse points similarly to how one would use perfume. Women typically swipe or insert a finger into their hymen and then apply the secretions to their wrists, behind their ears, armpits, and so forth.

Oddly enough, individuals on the internet believe this method will make them more alluring to a potential mate and essentially entice them closer. Experts suggest that vabbing might have some scientific basis since vaginal fluids contain pheromones – chemicals that initiate a social response in others.

But there’s a catch – relying on pheromones to draw in a partner is predominantly an animal world occurrence, not a human one. A pheromone is a substance released by an animal that alters another animal’s behavior. Animals utilize these compounds for purposes like marking their territory, signaling danger, or initiating sexual arousal. However, most people consider this practice quite repulsive!

Does Vabbing Work?

No controlled studies have debunked the effectiveness of vabbing. However, some experts question whether vabbing truly entices potential romantic interests to approach, particularly in gyms. Since gyms are often flooded with various scents, it’s uncertain if vaginal secretions would even be detected or have any impact. Based on theory, vabbing’s success hinges on our sense of smell – yet it seems quite improbable that anyone would notice hymen fluids amidst a gym brimming with odors.

Experts assert that pheromones do have some influence on people, referring to an initial study on the steroid compound androstadienone. Found in male underarm sweat, androstadienone actually boosts mood and sharpens focus in women.

So, while vabbing might not directly spark gym romances, improved mood and concentration in women due to androstadienone in men’s sweat could be the catalyst. As a result, women may feel more confident, leading to increased attraction from men.

Is Vabbing Safe?

Is Vabbing Safe?
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Think twice before jumping on the vabbing bandwagon, as this trend basically means spreading bacteria from the vagina to other parts of the body. Keep in mind that even healthy vaginal fluid is a cocktail of cells and microbes. And if you suspect any abnormal discharge or potential sexually transmitted infections, it’s best to steer clear of vabbing altogether.

Safely Vabbing – Spice Up Your Routine

1. Always wash your hands before and after indulging in some vab time.

2. Sniff test got you concerned? Reach out to a professional to get yourself checked.

3. Be gym-smart – Swipe those machines clean both pre- and post-workout.

4. Periods, STIs or UTIs? Press pause on vabbing until you’re back in the clear zone.


What is Vabbing in Gym

Vabbing is the act of applying vaginal fluids onto one’s body, much like perfume, with the aim of attracting a sexual partner.

Where did Vabbing trend originated?

Vabbing was originated by TikToker @jeweliah.

Can Vabbing replace the use of traditional fragrances or perfumes?

Vabbing is a personal taste and shouldn’t be used as a substitute for conventional scents or perfumes. While vabbing depends on natural vaginal fluids, which may have a distinct odor profile. Perfumes are intentionally created and prepared to generate a nice aroma.

Is there any research to support Vabbing?

No research has been conducted on vabbing.

Are there any side effects due to Vabbing?

There aren’t any known side effects or risks of vabbing. However, as always, it’s important to ensure that your hands are clean before vabbing,


In the intriguing world of vabbing at the gym offers a unique and unconventional way to wear your personal fragrances. While the concept of vabbing might pique your curiosity, it’s vital to prioritize hygiene and care before diving into this practice. Don’t forget to thoroughly wash your hands and maintain excellent vaginal health. Bear in mind, though, that vabbing isn’t widely accepted or recommended as a substitute for traditional perfumes and scents. Selecting the perfect fragrance boils down to your individual preferences and comfort level. Whether you opt to explore vabbing or stick with more conventional scent options, always remember to put your well-being first and make informed decisions.

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