The Roman Empire Trend: Why Men Can’t Stop Thinking About It


The Viral Roman Empire Trend: Why Are Women Asking Men About It?
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A captivating social media phenomenon has emerged, where women are asking the men in their lives a bizarre question: How frequently do they contemplate the Roman Empire? The reactions to this inquiry have been astonishing and have garnered significant attention across networks such as TikTok and Instagram. Suddenly, the Roman Empire, an ancient civilization that prospered over 2,000 years ago across Europe, North Africa, and Western Asia, finds itself at the center of contemporary male discourse. With over 881.8 million views under the Roman Empire hashtag on TikTok, it’s evident that people are captivated by this historical era. But what compels women to explore the extent to which this archaic empire occupies men’s minds?

The Roman Empire Trend on TikTok

The Roman Empire Trend on TikTok
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This trending topic can be traced back to Gaius Flavius, a Roman impersonator from Sweden, who posted an Instagram video captioned, “Ladies, many of you do not realize how often men think about the Roman Empire,” for his 100,000 followers. The video eventually made its way to TikTok and gained significant traction. One viral clip by author Sam Slupski amassed 5.1 million views while she shared her experience of asking her husband about his thoughts on the Roman Empire. He replied with “Every single day,” sparking a 45-minute conversation about the ancient civilization.

In yet another TikTok video, Kira Kosarin inquired her off-camera partner who admitted to having thoughts about the Roman Empire three times daily. The video attracted 3.7 million views, highlighting the trend’s widespread appeal. Laine Bullinger participated as well capturing her boyfriend’s casual response of “Not a lot – twice a week.” When pressed for more information, he elaborated, “They were the second most powerful empire.” Nevertheless, the true motives behind this fascinating trend remain a enigma.

Why Do Men Think About the Roman Empire So Much?

Why Do Men Think About the Roman Empire So Much?
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As the viral phenomenon sweeps across the internet, women find themselves pondering the male fascination with the Roman Empire. Men have tried to justify this obsession via comments or by producing in-depth videos exploring the subject. One TikToker, who goes by “themasculineedge,” posited a captivating stance. He suggested that men are inherently drawn to pursuits of conquest, adventure, and asserting dominance. He believes their captivation with the Roman Empire stems from these primal desires. His quote, “The masses of men lead lives of quiet desperation,” implies that men focused on empires are attempting to fill an emptiness within themselves. Nonetheless, not all concurred with this hypothesis. Critics argued that the allure lies in appreciating civilization, glory, honor, culture, and longevity tied to the Roman Empire.

An alternative theory proposed in the comments highlights that examining the Roman Empire’s impact, innovations, and eventual downfall is intrinsically captivating. This view implies that men are mainly interested in its historical significance and valuable lessons.


The viral sensation of women questioning men about their thoughts on the Roman Empire has created a social media frenzy, amassing millions of views and sparking riveting debates. Although some explanations attribute this interest to men’s innate thirst for conquest and adventure, others emphasize the allure of the Roman Empire’s historical importance. Regardless of individual reasoning, this trend has undoubtedly unveiled an unanticipated area of fascination for today’s man.

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