The Lost Explorer Mezcal: A Sustainable and Award-Winning Brand with a Unique Flavor Profile


What Mezcal is?

Mezcal, a tantalizing distilled alcoholic beverage, is derived from the wondrous agave plant. At first glance, you might mistake it for tequila which also hails from agave roots, but delving deeper, you’ll find they’re worlds apart. While tequila is limited to the exclusive blue Weber agave species, mezcal embraces a stunning array of agave varieties. The secret behind mezcal’s signature smoky flavor lies in its conventional production methods: roasting agave hearts in mysterious underground pits.

Mexico boasts a rich history of mezcal production that stretches back centuries. This captivating spirit has stolen many hearts, whether savored neat or mingled in artistic cocktails. Recently, mezcal has skyrocketed in popularity – fueling the adventurous spirit in those seeking to immerse themselves in unique beverages and their marvelous production tales. Nowadays, a myriad of mezcal brands grace the market, each harboring their own exceptional flavors and crafting techniques.

Overview of The Lost Explorer Mezcal brand

Embark on a thrilling journey with The Lost Explorer Mezcal, a top-notch mezcal brand established in 2016 by renowned environmentalist and adventurer, David de Rothschild. Embracing the essence of exploration, this brand embodies the adventurous spirit and curiosity that ignited the ancient mezcaleros to create this one-of-a-kind spirit.

Crafted through time-honored techniques, The Lost Explorer Mezcal prioritizes sustainability and social responsibility. By forging strong partnerships with local Oaxacan communities in Mexico, the brand ensures that their agave plants are sourced ethically and their mezcal production benefits both the environment and the people inhabiting the area.

The Lost Explorer Mezcal’s unwavering dedication to sustainability goes hand-in-hand with its remarkable quality and distinctive taste. Featuring a blend of agave species, this mezcal entices your taste buds with a multifaceted flavor combining smoky and sweet notes. Explore their diverse range of offerings – joven (young), reposado (aged), and añejo (extra-aged) – each boasting its own unique flavor and aroma, enticing you to discover the depths of the mezcal world.


Founding Story of The Lost Explorer Mezcal Brand

In 2016, the ingenious British environmentalist, adventurer, and entrepreneur David de Rothschild brought to life The Lost Explorer Mezcal. Renowned for his devotion to sustainability and conservation, Rothschild went on an unforgettable Mexican escapade that inspired the creation of his very own mezcal brand.

During a fateful trip to Mexico, Rothschild was captivated by the mesmerizing spirit of mezcal – its rich history and meticulous production process. Intrigued, he delved deep into the heart of mezcal country, engaging with local mezcaleros and gaining insight into their time-honored distillation techniques.

Emboldened by his discoveries, Rothschild set out on a mission to craft a distinctive brand of mezcal that embodied sustainability, social responsibility, and unparalleled quality. Partnering with experienced mezcaleros in Oaxaca, Mexico, they skillfully produced The Lost Explorer Mezcal using traditional methods and eco-friendly agave sources.

From the onset, Rothschild fervently pursued a vision of a brand that mirrored his core values and unwavering passion for exploration. He collaborated with the local community to guarantee that their eco-friendly approach positively influenced both the environment and the livelihoods of those in the region. Moreover, he aimed to concoct a delectable and extraordinary mezcal that encapsulated the spirit of adventure and curiosity at the heart of the brand.

Today, The Lost Explorer Mezcal has earned its reputation for outstanding quality, dedication to sustainability, and relentless commitment to social responsibility. This exquisite spirit has captured the hearts of mezcal aficionados everywhere while garnering acclaim from those who champion ethically responsible brands. As The Lost Explorer Mezcal flourishes, it continues to expand its horizons with fresh mezcal varieties and alliances with organizations that share its noble values.

Brand’s Philosophy and Values

Embark on a journey with The Lost Explorer Mezcal, a brand that passionately weaves sustainability, social responsibility, and adventure into its core values. Dedicated to crafting exquisite mezcal, the brand fiercely protects the environment while uplifting the local community.

At the epicenter of The Lost Explorer Mezcal’s belief system lies sustainability. Tirelessly collaborating with nearby farmers, the brand guarantees its agave is harvested sustainably without harming the ecosystem. Embracing traditional distillation techniques, The Lost Explorer Mezcal employs eco-friendly processes over contemporary industrial methods.

The Lost Explorer Mezcal’s pursuit of social responsibility is relentless. By joining forces with Oaxaca’s local communities in Mexico, it ensures that their production practices bring prosperity and positive change to the region’s inhabitants. Offering fair wages and cultivating a sustainable economic framework, this brand contributes to the collective good of all involved.

Adventure pulsates through The Lost Explorer Mezcal’s identity. Celebrating exploration and unearthing hidden treasures, it inspires consumers to embark on exciting expeditions of their own. Adhering to high-quality ingredients and exceptional production techniques, this mezcal reflects the vibrant spirit of adventure cherished by those who savor it.

In essence, The Lost Explorer Mezcal masterfully intertwines its philosophy and values with sustainability, social responsibility, and adventure. Passionate about producing top-notch mezcal while preserving nature and bolstering local communities, this trailblazing brand empowers customers to immerse themselves in a thrilling world of discovery and curiosity.

Production Process

How The Lost Explorer Mezcal is made?

The creation of The Lost Explorer Mezcal is an art steeped in tradition, passed down through generations of skilled mezcaleros hailing from Oaxaca, Mexico. This labor-intensive and time-consuming craft produces a mezcal that is nothing short of unique, intricate, and absolutely delightful.

The journey of crafting The Lost Explorer Mezcal begins with an attentive harvest of agave plants. Relying solely on sustainably-sourced agave — grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers — the most exquisite specimens are handpicked by seasoned artisans for their piñas, otherwise known as the heart of the plant. It’s these core elements that form the foundation for the mezcal magic.

Once secured, the piñas are roasted to perfection within an underground pit oven, also known as a horno. This process spans several days and imparts the mezcal with its signature smoky flavor profile. When sufficiently roasted, the piñas are crushed to release their juices, which then mingle with natural yeasts as they ferment leisurely within wooden vats. Several days later, a low-alcohol beverage called tepache emerges.

The ensuing transformation sees this tepache being distilled twice within copper stills, resulting in a crystalline, high-proof joven or blanco variation of mezcal ready to bewitch one’s taste buds. Seeking bolder flavors? Allow the mezcal to slumber within oak barrels for a few months or years – this added patience graces your mezcal with a deeper complexity, yielding the revered reposado and añejo varieties.

With aging complete, each bottle is lovingly filled by hand and adorned with a distinctive label paying homage to wanderlust and exploration; emblematic of The Lost Explorer brand itself. The final outcome? A vibrant and captivating elixir that begs to be savored neat or mingled within cocktails; enchanting all who dare to embark upon this fiesta of flavor.

Details on the brand’s commitment to sustainable and ethical practices

Diving headfirst into sustainability and ethical practices, The Lost Explorer Mezcal brand is passionate about making a difference in its production process. Teaming up with local communities in Oaxaca, Mexico, this forward-thinking brand plants the seeds of change by focusing on environmental impact and the well-being of the region’s residents.

The secret sauce to The Lost Explorer Mezcal’s eco-friendly efforts lies in their sustainable agave sourcing. Steering clear of pesticides and artificial fertilizers, they handpick and harvest only the best agave plants. And it doesn’t stop there – they join forces with local farmers to cultivate agave in harmony with nature, protecting the surrounding ecosystem.

Preserving tradition while saving the planet, The Lost Explorer Mezcal implements environmentally friendly distillation methods from yesteryear. Embracing natural yeasts for fermentation and distilling their mezcal twice in classic copper stills, they prove that old ways can be revolutionary.

But The Lost Explorer Mezcal’s sense of social responsibility goes beyond just being green. They form strong bonds with communities in Oaxaca and put their money where their mouth is: fair wages and a sustainable economic model that uplifts everyone involved. Plus, their unyielding support for community initiatives bolsters education, health, and environmental conservation.

Walking the walk all the way to the finish line, The Lost Explorer Mezcal leaves no stone unturned when it comes to sustainability. Their eco-friendly packaging and relentless efforts to shrink their carbon footprint through resource optimization and waste reduction make them a true champion of the ethical mezcal movement.

Flavor profile of The Lost Explorer Mezcal

Flavor profile of The Lost Explorer Mezcal
Credit: Forbes

Discover the enthralling world of The Lost Explorer Mezcal, a truly one-of-a-kind mezcal brand that stands apart from the rest with its rich and intricate flavor profile. Crafted using time-honored techniques, this mezcal boasts its trademark smoky essence, while additional layers of taste elevate it to an extraordinary level.

As you approach The Lost Explorer Mezcal, you’ll be greeted by a remarkable bouquet of aromas, starting with the captivating scent of fire-roasted agave. Delightful hints of caramel, vanilla, and oak accompany it, paving the way for an exquisitely complex and multifaceted taste sensation. A delectable medley of smoke, earth, and spice dances on your palate, intermingled with refreshing citrus and tropical fruit notes that truly enliven your taste buds.

Savor every moment as the mezcal’s finish gently warms your senses and lingers satisfyingly long. The interplay of smoke, earth, and spice carries on evolving throughout the experience, rounded off by a touch of delicate sweetness.

The hallmark of The Lost Explorer Mezcal lies in its masterful balance of flavors. The smokiness harmonizes impeccably with the sweet agave heart and the vibrant tones of fruity zest. The outcome? A mezcal that expertly entwines complexity and depth with smoothness that will leave you craving more.

Awards or recognition that The Lost Explorer Mezcal has received

The Lost Explorer Mezcal has received several notable awards and recognitions since its launch. In 2020, the brand was awarded the Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, one of the most prestigious spirits competitions in the world. The brand was recognized for its outstanding quality and exceptional taste.

In addition to the Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, The Lost Explorer Mezcal has also been recognized by other industry organizations. The brand was named the Best Mezcal at the 2020 Ultimate Spirits Challenge, with a score of 96 out of 100. The brand was also awarded the Chairman’s Trophy at the 2020 Ultimate Spirits Challenge, which is only awarded to spirits that score 95 or higher.

The Lost Explorer Mezcal has also received recognition for its commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. The brand was awarded the Best Sustainable Spirit at the 2020 Spirited Awards, which is an annual awards ceremony that recognizes excellence in the spirits industry. The brand was recognized for its commitment to sustainable sourcing practices, as well as its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and promote social responsibility.


Dive into the world of The Lost Explorer Mezcal, a brand passionately dedicated to sustainability, social responsibility, and honoring traditional mezcal production methods. Savor the delightful, intricate, and distinctive flavors that stem from their commitment to ethical sourcing and environmental protection. Boasting multiple prestigious accolades and distinctions, this mezcal exemplifies top-tier quality and an unwavering pursuit of excellence. Whether you’re a seasoned mezcal aficionado or just stepping into the realm of mezcal, The Lost Explorer Mezcal will captivate you with its extraordinary taste and dedication to sustainability and social responsibility.

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