A Comprehensive Overview and Insights into G20 Summit 2023: Delhi Declaration, Guests Invited and many more


A Comprehensive Overview and Insights into G20 Summit 2023: Delhi Declaration, Guests Invited and many more
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The G20, officially known as the Group of Twenty, stands as a crucial assembly of nations working together to tackle global economic and political challenges. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into the G20’s origins, composition, importance, and key accomplishments. Moreover, we’ll examine the preparations and outcomes of India’s G20 Summit 2023, shedding light on its significance and the issues at stake.

What is the G20?

Often referred to as a powerful alliance of countries, the G20 or Group of Twenty brings influential nations together to discuss crucial worldwide economic and political concerns. This prestigious group accounts for a whopping 85% of global economic output, over 75% of international trade, and represents two-thirds of the world’s population.

Who is in the G20?

Who is in the G20 2023 Summit?
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The G20 comprises the European Union and 19 remarkable nations: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Intriguingly, some G20 members also belong to the G7 – an alliance of the world’s most industrialized nations.

ArgentinaAlberto FernandezPresident of Argentina
AustraliaAnthony AlbanesePrime Minister of Australia
BrazilLuiz InacioPresident of Brazil
CanadaJustin TrudeauPrime Minister of Canada
ChinaLi ChiangPrime Minister of China
FranceEmmanuel MacronPresident of France
GermanyOlaf ScholzChancellor of Germany
IndiaNarendra ModiPrime Minister of India – Host
IndonesiaJoko WidodoPresident of the Republic of Indonesia
ItalyGiorgia MeloniPrime Minister of Italy
JapanFumio KishidaPrime Minister of Japan
MexicoAndres ManuelPresident of Mexico
South KoreaYoon Suk YeolPresident of South Korea
RussiaSergey LavrovMinister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
Saudi ArabiaMuhammed Bin SalmanCrown Prince of Saudi Arabia
South AfricaCyril RamaphosaPresident of South Africa
TurkeyRecep Tayyip ErdoganPresident of Turkey
United KingdomRishi SunakPrime Minister of the United Kingdom
United StatesJoe BidenPresident of the United States of America
European UnionCharles MichelPresident of the European Council

Where is the G20 being held?

India will host the impressive G20 Summit 2023 in New Delhi – confirming its growing global influence. India assumed presidency on December 1st , 2022 following Indonesia’s Bali Summit.

Why was the G20 set up & why does it matter?

The Asian financial crisis in 1999 prompted establishment of G20 with its primary aim being provision of a collaborative platform for finance ministers to restore economic stability. Over time however ,G20’s purview expanded to include climate change & sustainable energy among other critical issues.

G20 Summit 2023 – Insights & Achievements

The Indian-hosted G20 Summit releases a joint declaration of G20 members condemning the “human suffering & negative impacts of Ukraine conflict on global food & energy security.” Interestingly, the statement avoids direct criticism of Russia. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s government expressed discontent, stating that including Ukrainian representatives would have enriched the discussions. Furthermore, a new network of railways & shipping routes to enhance trade between South Asia, the Middle East, and Europe was unveiled by the US, India, Saudi Arabia & EU. This move aims to counterbalance China’s Belt & Road Initiative , once again highlighting international geopolitical dynamics.

Facing Challenges and Embracing Complexities

The G20 has recently confronted difficulties, such as China and Saudi Arabia opting out of a G20 tourism meeting due to territorial disagreements in Indian-administered Kashmir. Moreover, tensions between India and China escalated before the summit when China unveiled a map staking claim to Indian territory.

G20 Summit India 2023

A Distinctive Viewpoint: India’s leadership in hosting the G20 Summit 2023 has imparted a singular aspect to this year’s event. Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s guidance, India has aimed to position itself as a formidable global power, with Prime Minister Modi emerging as an eminent world leader, especially in preparation for the general election slated for spring 2024.

The Delhi Declaration

The Delhi Declaration G20
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Unveiling the Outcomes of G20 Summit 2023: The G20 Summit 2023 saw noteworthy progress, including Africa becoming a permanent G20 member, underscoring the organization’s dedication to inclusivity. The New Delhi Leaders Declaration focused on inclusive growth, reflecting a joint commitment to bridging disparities. Furthermore, the proposal and endorsement of the India-Middle East-Europe-USA Corridor highlight the G20’s intent in promoting international trade. Notably, the formation of the Global Biofuel Alliance underscores the significance of sustainable energy sources.

Tackling Security Concerns at G20 Summits

Due to anti-globalization protests that frequently surround G20 summits, stringent security measures are imperative. To ensure safety at the Delhi-hosted G20 Summit 2023, the Indian government mobilized 130,000 security personnel throughout the city and implemented creative strategies to counteract disruptive monkey populations.


What is G20 Summit?

The Group of Twenty (G20), as the foremost forum for global economic cooperation, bears the essential responsibility of guiding the world’s economy through the considerable challenges it encounters.

What is Delhi Declaration G20?

Prime Minister Modi’s declaration during Day 1 of the G20 Summit focused on various themes such as the “war in Ukraine,” geopolitical tensions, sustainable growth, and fostering inclusivity. This declaration, as per India’s G20 Sherpa, lays significant emphasis on numerous crucial initiatives.

Why is G20 held?

Established in 1999, the G20 comprises 19 countries and the European Union, providing finance ministers and central bank governors a platform to discuss pressing international economic and financial matters. Collectively, these G20 nations represent nearly two-thirds of the global population, 75% of worldwide trade, and 85% of the planet’s GDP.


As a crucial platform for tackling global issues, the G20 Summit 2023 in India symbolizes an important milestone in its legacy. With India at the helm of this distinguished event, keen observers around the world eagerly await fruitful discussions and cooperative problem-solving approaches to address the intricate obstacles confronting our global society. Keep an eye out for updates and real-time coverage as world leaders convene to shape our shared destiny at the G20 Summit 2023.

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