First Lady Jill Biden Tests Positive for Covid-19


First Lady Jill Biden Tests Positive for Covid-19
Credit: CBS News

First Lady Jill Biden has recently tested positive for Covid-19, experiencing mild symptoms. As a result, her plans to commence teaching at Northern Virginia Community College have been disrupted. While President Joe Biden tested negative, the First Lady’s diagnosis will impact her schedule as she is monitored by the White House medical team.

The Effects of First Lady’s Diagnosis

72-year-old Jill Biden is currently in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Typically teaching on Tuesdays and Thursdays, a substitute will now cover her classes at Northern Virginia Community College. Her scheduled speaking engagement at a farewell dinner for the US Invictus Games team has been canceled. However, there have been no alterations to the existing White House Covid protocols or President Biden’s schedule.

A Glimpse into President Biden’s Packed Agenda

President Biden recently delivered a Labor Day speech in Philadelphia and is set to present the Medal of Honor to an Army captain during a White House ceremony. Additionally, his departure for the G20 Summit in India is scheduled for Thursday.

Recap of Prior Covid-19 Instances

In August, Jill Biden tested positive for Covid-19 while vacationing in South Carolina. Similarly, President Biden tested positive last July. Both experienced relapse cases shortly after being treated with Paxlovid.

White House Testing Procedures

White House Testing Procedures
Credit: Live Now Fox

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed that all individuals meeting with the President are required to undergo Covid-19 testing – a protocol that remains in place. There has been no disclosure regarding the testing cadence for President and First Lady or whether they were together when symptoms appeared.

The Current State of Covid-19

Jill Biden’s diagnosis is concurrent with renewed focus on Covid-19 as we enter the fourth virus season since the start of the pandemic. Data from the US CDC during summer indicated a slight increase in hospitalizations, emergency department visits, and positive tests for Covid-19. Hospital admissions appeared relatively low with approximately four new cases per 100,000 people nationwide. Seven counties experienced high Covid-19 hospitalizations, while 117 counties (roughly 3.6% of the US) were in the medium threshold – with a quarter of these located in Florida.

New Variant BA.2.86

The recent emergence of the BA.2.86 variant has drawn attention due to its high mutation rate, albeit only being detected in a small number of individuals worldwide. Experts like Dr. Eric Topol express concern regarding the virus’s ongoing evolution and adaptability.


What is the latest news regarding First Lady Jill Biden’s Covid-19 diagnosis?

The latest news reports that First Lady Jill Biden has tested positive for Covid-19 and is experiencing mild symptoms. President Joe Biden has tested negative.

How is First Lady Jill Biden managing her responsibilities after testing positive for Covid-19?

First Lady Jill Biden is working with Northern Virginia Community College to ensure her classes are covered by a substitute while she remains in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, following her diagnosis.

What impact does First Lady Jill Biden’s Covid-19 diagnosis have on White House protocols and the President’s schedule?

There are no changes to White House Covid protocols or President Joe Biden’s schedule at this time. He is expected to continue with his planned events.

Has First Lady Jill Biden experienced a previous Covid-19 infection?

Yes, Jill Biden previously tested positive for Covid-19 last summer while vacationing in South Carolina, and she experienced a rebound case after being treated with Paxlovid.

Is there any information about the new Covid-19 variant, BA.2.86, in relation to First Lady Jill Biden’s diagnosis?

While the new variant, BA.2.86, has garnered attention due to its high mutation rate, it has been detected in only a small number of people globally. Experts remain concerned about the virus’s evolution and adaptability.


First Lady Jill Biden’s Covid-19 diagnosis has had ramifications on her teaching and speaking commitments, while President Biden proceeds with his planned itinerary, including the G20 Summit in India. As new Covid-19 variants continue to surface, the world remains vigilant – especially given the growing concerns among specialists in this field.

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