EA Sports College Football 2024: The Return of the Gridiron Glory


EA Sports College Football 2024: Lawsuits, Licensing, and the Return of a Classic
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Get ready for the thrilling return of EA Sports College Football 2024! The gaming world has been buzzing with anticipation, eagerly awaiting the revival of this legendary franchise. However, the journey to bring the game back hasn’t been smooth sailing, with legal battles and controversies aplenty. In this blog post, join us as we explore the latest updates on EA Sports College Football, lawsuits, licensing agreements, and what players and fans can expect from this epic comeback.

EA Sports College Football 2024: A Long-Awaited Return

When EA Sports revealed its plans in November 2022 to resurrect the college football game franchise, fans went wild with joy. The iconic series had been on a hiatus since 2013 due to a lawsuit against NCAA and the Collegiate Licensing Company. Spearheaded by former UCLA basketball player Ed O’Bannon and fellow college athletes, they accused EA of exploiting their likenesses without consent.

The Return of the Authentic College Football Experience

EA Sports College Football 2024 aims to recapture the essence of college football magic for players and fans alike. Slated for a summer 2024 release, EA Sports spokespersons can hardly contain their enthusiasm for the revival of the game. The decision was fueled by recent changes in NCAA rules that permit college athletes to gain profits from their names and images.

Licensing and Lawsuits: The Brandr Group vs. EA Sports

A critical legal skirmish involves The Brandr Group (TBG), a licensing collective representing college athletes. In June, they sued EA Sports over “tortious interference” when EA chose competitor OneTeam Partners in place of TBG for athlete licensing agreements. TBG claimed that it should maintain authority in negotiating contracts for represented athletes. In response, EA filed a motion to dismiss the case.

EA’s Partnership with OneTeam Partners

EA Sports shook things up by joining forces with OneTeam Partners to manage licensing for college football athletes. This unexpected move left many in the industry caught off-guard, and EA spokespersons clarify that no offers have been made to athletes as of yet. Although participants will be compensated, further details about the payment structure remain uncertain.

Opting In for College Athletes

EA Sports College Football 2024: Lawsuits, Licensing, and the Return of a Classic
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EA Sports has declared that college football athletes can sign up and opt-in for inclusion in the impending EA Sports College Football game. This groundbreaking update marks a significant shift in gaming culture, allowing athletes to capitalize on their name, image, and likeness (NIL) in-game. While progress is evident, specific offers to athletes are still being ironed out.

The Lawsuit’s Impact on Game Development

In the face of The Brandr Group’s lawsuit, EA Sports remains steadfast in achieving its goal to launch EA Sports College Football 2024 as planned. Undeterred by the allegations of interfering with group licensing contracts, the game’s development continues to progress, demonstrating EA’s unwavering commitment to release the game as promised.

The Legacy of College Football Gaming

Tracing its roots back to 1993 with “Bill Walsh College Football,” the EA Sports College Football franchise boasts a rich, storied past. After EA secured licensing rights to the NCAA name in 1998, the much-loved “NCAA Football” series was born. However, legal troubles led to the series’ discontinuation in 2013, leaving fans eagerly awaiting its return.

What to Expect Next Summer

With the upcoming release of EA Sports College Football 2024, both fans and players can expect a thrilling gaming experience. EA has been diligently collecting assets – such as images, audio recordings, and 3D stadium scans – to build an immersive and genuine gameplay atmosphere. Celebrations of college football traditions, songs, and even the transfer portal reveal a dedication towards capturing the true spirit of the sport.

Financial Considerations for College Athletes

Although opting-in players will receive financial compensation, they should not anticipate receiving royalties from game sales. Estimates show that the monetary pool for athletes may be around $5 million or roughly $500 per player. This new approach for compensating college athletes for their NIL rights within gaming signifies a major shift within the industry.

The Impact of College Football Realignment

Accommodating constant dynamic changes, collegiate football realignment also impacts the gameplay experience. Schools transferring to new conferences and existing conferences expanding will coincide with the game’s 2024 release. This intriguing aspect introduces an element of unpredictability and excitement for both players and fans.


When is EA Sports College Football 2024 expected to be released?

EA Sports College Football 2024 is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2024. The exact date has not been announced yet, so stay tuned for updates.

What led to the discontinuation of the EA Sports college football games in the past?

Due to legal issues in 2013, EA Sports discontinued the college football games. Sparked by Ed O’Bannon’s leadership, former college athletes brought a lawsuit against both the NCAA and the Collegiate Licensing Company, accusing unauthorized use of their likenesses.

How will college football athletes benefit from the game’s return in 2024?

College football athletes will have the opportunity to sign up and opt-in to be included in the EA Sports College Football 2024 game. This allows them to profit from their name, image, and likeness (NIL) within the game, marking a significant change in the gaming landscape.

What are the financial considerations for college athletes in the game?

While specific compensation details are yet to be finalized, it is estimated that the cash pool for athletes could be around $5 million, translating to approximately $500 per player. Players, however, are not expected to receive royalties from game sales.

How has the recent realignment in college football affected the EA Sports College Football game?

The latest round of college football realignment will have an impact on the game. Schools moving to new conferences and conference expansions will coincide with the game’s release in 2024, adding an element of change and excitement for players and fans.


Destined for a triumphant return, EA Sports College Football 2024 promises to offer the authentic gaming experience that players and fans have been longing for. Regardless of legal hurdles and controversies, EA Sports maintains its commitment to deliver the game next summer. Through advancements in licensing, player compensation, and meticulous game development, the franchise aims to recapture the hearts of college football aficionados. The countdown is on, and anticipation continues to grow as we eagerly await the resurgence of this cherished video game series.

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