Dallas Cowboys 2023 Schedule Breakdown


Often simply called the “Cowboys,” the Dallas Cowboys stand as a true titan in the National Football League (NFL). Founded in 1960, this iconic team has won over fans from all corners of the globe, earning themselves the title “America’s Team.” Boasting a rich legacy, incredible triumphs, and a passionate fanbase, the Cowboys have truly left an unforgettable mark on both sports and popular culture.

From day one, greatness was in the cards for the Cowboys. Visionary founder Clint Murchison Jr. set out to create a football empire that would captivate countless generations. Their unmistakable blue star logo and white-and-silver color scheme quickly grew to represent unparalleled excellence.

The 1970s proved a turning point for the Cowboys. Thanks to coaching legend Tom Landry, this team became a formidable powerhouse. Quarterback Roger Staubach, celebrated for his incredible talent for last-minute comebacks, became an avatar of hope and grit for fans everywhere. With two Super Bowl titles under their belt (Super Bowl VI and XII), the Cowboys secured their spot among football’s finest.

The pinnacle of success for the Dallas Cowboys came in the 1990s. Coached by dynamic duo Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer, they boasted an unmatched roster that included legendary players like Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, and Michael Irvin. The Cowboys scored an amazing three Super Bowl Titles in four years (Super Bowl XXVII, XXVIII, and XXX), truly cementing their place as one of NFL’s notorious dynasties.

But the influence of the Cowboys goes far beyond just football. With their devotion to community outreach and philanthropy work, they’ve touched countless lives in meaningful ways. Players and staff alike continually use their influence to support charitable endeavors, creating a lasting impact that extends beyond just victories on the field.

Dallas Cowboys Schedule 2023

Regular Season

1Monday, September 11New York Giants5:50 AMNBC
2Monday, September 18New York Jets1:55 AMCBS
3Monday, September 25Arizona Cardinals1:55 AMFOX
4Monday, October 2New England Patriots1:55 AMFOX
5Monday, October 9San Francisco 49ERS5:50 AMNBC
6Tuesday, October 17Los Angeles Chargers5:45 AMESPN
7Bye WeekBye WeekBye WeekBye Week
8Sunday, October 29Los Angeles RAMS10:30 PMFOX
9Monday, November 6Philadelphia Eagles2:55 AMFOX
10Monday, November 13New York Giants2:55 AMFOX
11Sunday, November 19Carolina Panthers11:30 PMFOX
12Friday, November 24Washington Commanders3:00 AMCBS
13Friday, December 1Seattle Seahawks6:45 AMPrime Video
14Monday, December 11Philadelphia Eagles6:50 AMNBC
15Monday, December 18Buffalo Bills2:55 AMFOX
16Monday, December 25Miami Dolphins2:55 AMFOX
17Sunday, December 31Detroit Lions6:45 AMESPN, ABC
18Sunday, January 7Washington CommandersTBDN/A


How much are Dallas Cowboys worth in 2023?

According to team valuation from NFL Dallas Cowboys worth $ 9.2 billion.

Is the NFL 2023 schedule out yet?

The NFL has unveiled its 272-game, 18-week regular season schedule for 2023, which begins on September 7th, Thursday night in Kansas City, and ends with 16 divisional games in Week 18 (two on January 6th and 14 on January 7th).

Can the Dallas Cowboys still make the playoffs 2023?

Yes the Dallas Cowboys have an excellent chance of making the playoffs 2023.

How can fans get tickets to the Dallas Cowboys’ 2023 games?

Verified Resale tickets for the Dallas Cowboys 2023 regular season can be purchased on Ticketmaster. For tickets please click here.

How to get all NFL games in 2023?

Each week, you’ll need to watch your favourite NFL club on five separate TV networks: CBS, Fox, NBC, and ESPN. The four streaming services—FuboTV, Hulu Live TV, DIRECTV STREAM, and YouTube TV—offer all five of these. ABC will broadcast four Monday Night Games, but each of those streaming sites also offers ABC.

Dallas Cowboys Schedule 2023
Credit: NBC Sports


The Dallas Cowboys stand as an electrifying example of how sports can captivate, unify, and empower. With a rich history laden with victories, obstacles, and steadfast fan dedication, the Cowboys consistently embody resilience and greatness. From iconic lineups of yesteryear to the prospect of future achievements, the Dallas Cowboys epitomize the essence of America’s Team. Their lasting legacy continues to influence not only the NFL but also the entire sports world for generations to come.

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