Ancelotti Unhappy: Real Madrid Copa del Rey Disappointment


Ancelotti Unhappy: Real Madrid's Copa del Rey Disappointment
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In a stunning Copa del Rey last-16 clash, Real Madrid’s dreams of a domestic treble were shattered by crosstown rivals Atletico Madrid, who secured a 4-2 victory in extra time. Head coach Carlo Ancelotti expressed disappointment in his team’s approach, singling out unnecessary plays, and confirmed a crucial player drop for the upcoming La Liga match against Almeria.

Real Madrid’s Approach Under Fire

Ancelotti, in a post-match interview, refused to blame “accumulated fatigue” for the loss, emphasizing that the team played a hard-fought game against a strong opponent. Despite managing to beat Atleti in the Spanish Super Cup just a week ago, Real Madrid fell short this time in a thrilling 120-minute encounter.

Ancelotti criticized his team for not exercising more control when the game was even, emphasizing the need to avoid unnecessary risks. The coach pinpointed a critical moment involving Vinicius Jr., where the team took unnecessary risks, leading to Antoine Griezmann’s decisive extra-time goal.

Player Change Announcement

Player Change Announcement
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In a nod to the team’s performance, Ancelotti confirmed a change in the goalkeeper position, dropping Andriy Lunin in favor of Kepa for the upcoming La Liga clash with Almeria. Ancelotti refrained from individual analysis but acknowledged that improvements were needed when the game was tied.

Atletico Madrid Emerges Victorious

Atletico Madrid Emerges Victorious
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The intense match saw Atletico Madrid secure a spot in the Copa del Rey quarter-final, ending Real Madrid’s 21-match unbeaten streak across all competitions. Atleti’s revenge after a recent loss to Real Madrid in the Supercopa de Espana showcased their resilience and determination.

Key moments in the match, including goals from Samuel Lino, Antoine Griezmann, and Rodrigo Riquelme, highlighted Atletico Madrid’s prowess. Griezmann, awarded Player of the Match, played a pivotal role in Atleti’s triumph, displaying his skill and scoring a memorable goal.


Why did Carlo Ancelotti criticize Real Madrid’s approach in the Copa del Rey loss to Atletico Madrid?

Ancelotti criticized the team’s approach due to unnecessary plays and risks taken during the match, particularly singling out an instance involving Vinicius Jr. that led to Atletico’s decisive goal. He emphasized the need for better control and decision-making in key moments.

Which player will be dropped by Real Madrid for the La Liga match against Almeria, and why?

Carlo Ancelotti confirmed that goalkeeper Andriy Lunin will be dropped in favor of Kepa for the upcoming La Liga clash. This decision follows a subpar performance by Lunin, including a mistake that allowed Atletico Madrid to take the lead during the Copa del Rey match.

How did Atletico Madrid manage to end Real Madrid’s 21-match unbeaten streak in the Copa del Rey?

Atletico Madrid secured victory in the Copa del Rey by capitalizing on key moments, with goals from Samuel Lino, Antoine Griezmann, and Rodrigo Riquelme. The match, which went into extra time, showcased Atletico’s resilience and determination, ultimately leading to Real Madrid’s second defeat of the season at the hands of their rivals.


Real Madrid’s defeat against Atletico Madrid in the Copa del Rey marked a significant setback in their quest for a domestic treble. Ancelotti’s criticism of the team’s approach and the confirmed goalkeeper change indicate a reevaluation of strategies for future matches. Meanwhile, Atletico Madrid’s revenge and progression to the quarter-final underscore their resilience and determination. As the football saga continues, fans await the next chapter in this intense rivalry.

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