3 Best Cardio Workout TO DO at Home


3 Best Cardio Workout to do at Home


01 Froggy Jump

02 Squat Jumps

03 Jumping Lunge

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You don't have time for Gym..???

You don't want to pay heavy amount in Gym..???



Don't Worry

Froggy Jump

The Most important exercise in Cardio workout

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How To Do:

1. Warm up stretch ur legs & arms.

2. Keep ur hand straight down with ur body

3. Place your feet about hip- width apart and squat until your hands are on the floor.

4. Explode and jump high.

5. Connect your heel together while jumping and keep your hands behind your head

6. Land carefully with bent knees and go back in your squat for next jump.


Squat  Jumps


1.Stand straight with both legs together and both hand down straight together.

2.Stretch your both legs and start with your feet around hip distance apart and engage the core.


3.Squat as low as you can and touching your feet on fingertips of your leg.

4. Jump as high as you can with both hands open in air.

5. Land softly to avoid any pressure in joints and back in squat.


Jumping Lunge


1.Stand straight and keep your waist and head straight.

2.Lift both arms up to the waist, bending them at the elbows.


3.Then bend forward by taking the right leg forward, while keeping the left hand near the chest and the right hand behind the back.

4.This state will be exactly like when we are ready to run.


5.Jump as high as you can, and when you land, bend your body by bringing your left leg forward and your right leg back.

6.The hands’ positions will also alter in a similar manner. This will be one cycle.


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